Recruitment Center

What is this?

The recruitment center is the gateway to exclusive content for the fastpitch recruiting process. For the same cost as a hitting / pitching / fielding lesson you will get all the information you need to help understand and start the recruiting process. Whether you are a player, parent, or travel ball coach, you will find a vast amount of direction and educational information in this section.

How does this work?

For the low cost of $50, you will get lifetime access to all 5 sections of “Introduction To Recruiting”.

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1. How and When to Start

What to look for

Three easy steps to start

Answers to ask yourself

Benefits Parents & Players

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2. Email Breakdown

When to send emails

What to put in them

Type of emails

Actual sample emails

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3. Profiles

What to put on them

Examples of profiles

Template for your use


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4. Travel Ball Coach

How to help team

How to help players

How to advocate for each player

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5. College Division Info

Breakdown of Divisions

Softball practice schedule

Knowledge of the differences between each

See what all the EXCITEMENT is about...

This is a tremendous resource for young women and their families. Highly, highly recommend this!

Scott Veno
Travel Ball Head Coach

If you need assistance in the recruiting process, 4thegirlsfastpitchs’ “Introduction to Recruiting” is a must have!

Ryan Pentz
High School/Travel Ball Coach

I would highly recommend “Introduction to Recruiting” to all players and families starting the process.

Coach B
D2 Softball Head Coach

Great program to get started with the recruiting basics without the huge price tag. This offering covers the same core techniques I’ve implemented with my travel teams over the last 10 yrs. Perfect opportunity if you don’t know how or where to begin!

Mark Redfern
Instructor/Coach/Recruiting Coordinator

A comprehensive yet easy-to-follow roadmap for the prospective student athlete. This system is exactly what has been missing from the sport: a step-by-step guide to help players, parents, and coaches navigate the recruiting process. Long overdue!

Chris Zaker
High School varsity assistant coach, owner & catching/hitting instructor at Field of Dreams